Instructions for NASA Mars Curiosity Rover (It’s landed!!!)

Greetings! I’ve finally posted instructions to my updated NASA Curiosity Rover or MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) If you’d like to see this become a real Lego set you could purchase, you can cast your vote here ->( or just use your own parts! 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Building!

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The Mars Science Laboratory

Hello, all! My latest Cuusoo project is the Mars Science Laboratory – currently in route to the red planet! This near mini-fig scale set is in honor of the most technologically mobile lab ever sent to another planet!

You can find more pictures at my Cuusoo page here!

Here’s an artists’ rendering courtesy of NASA

Series 1 of Lego Clare Grant minifigs shipping!

I’m in the middle of moving from Michigan back to central Indiana. This has caused many things outside of my career and family to be delayed or put on the back burner.  My Series 1 of Clare Grant minifigs falls into this category.  Now they are complete it’s off to the UPS store tomorrow! Here are a few photos of the completed minifigs in their customized packaging.  Clearly there’s room for several more series! Better get started…

My Thoughts on the Changes to Lego’s DesignByMe Service

If you were not aware of the changes in the Lego Group’s Design By Me service, you can read the details here. In short, the portion of the service that lets you actually purchase a copy of your design, bricks, box, instructions and all will be stopped. The last date to order a copy of your own Lego set is January 16, 2012.  My first reaction to the news was sadness. For several years I have enjoyed ability to have a dream come true each and every time I bought a copy of one of my sets.  If you have never used this part of the service, let me tell you this: the quality of the packaging and instructions was incredible. The fact that the Lego Group was able to offer this service in the first place was amazing. I can only imagine the business reasons and pressures the is behind their decision.

As I said, my first reaction was sadness. My second reaction was joy in the fact that I had been able to use this service and experience it several times. Chances are if you’re reading this, you know that Lego bricks are not inexpensive. There was a premium cost associated to purchasing a custom set, one though, that I thought was completely justified and was backed by the quality and customer service I have come to expect and enjoy from the Lego  Group. Pick-a-brick will continue to be offered and Lego Digital Designer will still allow you to upload your designs to be shared via a gallery.  Those items are GREAT news for the community as a whole. While purchasing a copy of your’s or someone else’s set was incredible, being able to share them via LDD is something I’ve gotten more out of on a personal level.

All that being said, kudos to the team at Lego for even attempting this in the first place. Congratulations on a job well done on executing on the service and doing so with excellent quality.  A sincere thank you and job well done on communicating this with the community at large.  Let’s face it, while  you won’t get a set ordered today before Christmas, you’ll still be able to order one for that special someone.  They could have missed the entire Christmas season, so a special thanks for that!

So, feel free to order one of my sets 😉  or try out the service yourself with your own design. At a minimum, download Lego Digital Designer and see what I’m talking about.

Play well!


Work in Progress Scale Steampunk Airship Ophelia from Abney Park

Started a new project to try my hand at some techniques I rarely use on my space related creations. This will be my first real steampunk design and an attempt at the famous Airship Ophelia lead by the notorious Air Pirate Captain Robert of Abney Park.

Clare Grant – The Minifig Series

While I am an AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) I also happen to be a geek in many other ways. This is no surprise to those that know me.  I’m a comic book collector, sci-fi fan, gamer, aviation geek, spacetweep – well the list actually goes on.  A few years ago I started to see more and more geek girls, and geek women to start and finally come into their own.  This has given me both great joy and great hope for mankind.  One of the more popular and visible geek girls on the planet now is Clare Grant. She is an actress, and geek, co-founder of  Team Unicorn and I recently found out via her Twitter feed, a fan of Lego Bricks!!!  So, how could I resist in fulfilling her wish to become an, albeit unofficial, Lego minifig.  I did this as a fan gift to her as I have greatly enjoyed her work and what she has done to remove the myth of there being no geek girls/women.  Once completed (they’re still a work in progress), I’ll ship them to her as an EARLY Christmas present.

After starting this project it became very difficult to pick a single character to represent her in Lego bricks.  So, following the Lego Group’s example, I decided to do several minifigs in a series.

So without futher ado, I present Clare Grant – Lego Minifigs, Series 1.

Clare as Lara Croft in the music video G33K & G4M3R Girls

SPOILER!! Clare as the “Red Spartan” in The Guild’s Season Five Finale.

And lastly, Clare as Lexie, one of the Sexy Nightmare Slayers.


Latest Set: Grail – Mission to the Moon

Hi all. Today the Grail twin spacecrafts were supposed to launch from Kennedy but due to high winds in the upper atmosphere it was delayed until tomorrow’s launch window. In honor of this historic mission to map the moons gravity and therefore help determine what’s under it’s surface I’ve designed TWO sets. One a semi-scale model of one of the Grails spacecraft and a set with both a single Grail spacecraft and it’s Detla II launch vehicle! Enjoy.