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New Digital MOC – Robert Space Industries; Aurora XL

Greeting all!

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted. I haven’t been entirely idle but I certainly haven’t been building like I once used to. There are reasons but this is neither the time or place to discuss that. Rather, let me direct your attention to my latest MOC, a replica of a wonderful spaceship that is part of an even more incredible video game universe of Star Citizen. This is the Aurora XL, a one person ship that is designed for light cargo duty, exploration or personal transportation off world. The rendering below is from the game and I decided to make it mini-fig scale and build in as many details and “working” parts as possible. The hardest part was building the working airlocks, while not operating exactly like the ones in game, they do function and add quite a bit to the model. The cockpit, with it’s very non-Lego shaped glass was a bit of a challenge but I think I did a decent enough job while allowing for some great detail in the cockpit, another signature element from the game. The MOC isn’t done. I plan on building out all the various weapons and equipment options as well as making tweaks to the weapon hard-points. Also, the surfboards, er landing gear is temporary. It in NO WAY would support this ship’s weight were it built in actual bricks.

I’m wanting to post this on Lego Cuusoo and try to get in it made into a real set. I know there are a LOT of folks in the Star Citizen verse who might support this!

Hope you enjoy! See you out in the ‘verse!


This is the interior of the pilot’s cabin and sleeping area. If you look closely in the other pix, you’ll see he/she has a nice view!

aurora-xl-pilotThis is a front on view of our intrepid pilot!


An over the shoulder view of the cockpit and flight controls!



The right airlock open with ladder extended.


Engine details goodness.


Don’t stand too close…aurora-xl-frpmt

The business end. Hey, are those missiles?aurora-xl-right-closed

The right side of the ship with the airlock in the closed position.



The left side of the ship with the airlock in the open, let’s go into port and make some money position.aurora-xl-bottom

This is the bottom of the ship.Note, there is no cargo box attached.. yet!


This would be the top of the ship.


This is a nice view of the ship!


The “working” airlock in the closed position from the inside.


This is the cabin door opening..


This the cabin door closed.


The cockpit with the roof open.


Hubble Gotchu!

In addition to Lego, I have a love of all things Space. You can check out my other blog to confirm this. Since I was five I’ve spent a lot of time building models of things that go into space or should go into space. My latest model (available for sale at is of the Hubble Telescope. This is the “unofficial” model I did for the Hubble Outreach team at Goddard Space Flight Center. Having met the crew of the last Hubble repair mission in July of 2009 at NASA’s headquarters in July of 2009, I was inspired to create this.  Having met Andy Wolt from Goddard later that year, I was inspired even more. Who knew that so many of the fine folks at NASA shared a love of the brick?  I designed the model completely in Lego’s own Digital Designer, a software application that let’s anyone create anything out of an infinite supply of digital Lego bricks. I recently donated my only model, seen in the photo below, to a charity auction for the Curious Kid’s Museum of Saint Joseph, Michigan.