The Conner House (Work In Progress)

After Denise Meyer (aka @DeniseMichelle) asked me about my current project for The Conner Prairie Living History Museum, I realized I hadn’t posted anything here about it. Whoops! The build is a minifig scale model of the historic Conner House. It’s my first historical building and the most detailed architectural piece I’ve ever done.

The Conner House has an interesting history, both as a residence and as a study in preservation. My tie to the museum started when I was a child and visited during a school field trip. The museum is unique and I’ve revisited it many many times over the years with my family and by myself. It’s a truly wonderful place, so much so that after moving back to the Indianapolis area, I immediately looked for a way to get involved with the museum as more than just a guest. I quickly discovered the Conner Prairie Horizon Council and became a member, in fact a board member, of this wonderful group. It has been a great way to meet and connect with other young professionals as well as find some great ways to help out a museum that I’ve loved for a long time.

So… while I was at the museum one day around the holidays last year I saw some awesome gingerbread reproductions of the Conner House and thought that I could really have some fun building one out of Lego bricks. Thus, begun my project to reproduce this wonderful example of historic Indiana architecture.

I started the project in Lego Digital Designer and when I’m finished with the physical model, I’ll be publishing the build instructions and parts list.

So, until I get some better photos, I’m putting up a few I’ve previously poste on Twitter.





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