Latest Set: Apollo Command / Service Module

Hi all. Glad you found your way here. Here are a few photos of my latest set, the Apollo Command and Service Module. Given that I’m such a big fan and collector of Apollo I find it strange that I haven’t built one of these sooner?!? Given some of my mistakes on a few digital models, I’ve made a few trade-offs on detail vs stability. This is certainly a model that would do nicely sitting on a desk and one that won’t do much WOOOOSHING around, although I think the command module might survive a gentle splashdown. 😉  A few days ago I participated in the Twitter event #Apollo13Tweetup in which many people simultaneously watched the great Apollo 13 film and interacted with one another via Twitter. I learned so much and the whole group was treated to a “live” walking tour of the Apollo Mission control from William Foster ( @HoustonGC ). The whole experience got me inspired to build a scale model of the command and service modules which of course were so integral to the Apollo program and the plot of the movie. Having already completed my lunar module model, I now can offer the complete set!

I have no immediate plans to design a scale Saturn V though.


P.S. Hope to have the model uploaded to Lego Design By Me later today so that anyone can download the instructions or buy even buy the set!

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11 responses to “Latest Set: Apollo Command / Service Module

  • Greg

    Hi John. Have you uploaded this to Design by Me yet? My son really wants to see it. I can’t seem to find any of your stuff — is there a username we can search? Thanks!

  • Adam

    I’ve searched for the username you gave (johnmknight) , and I cant seem to find it. Did you take it off? Could you put it up for download anywhere?

  • Michael Reitz

    I love your love your Apollo CSM and lunar lander. I have tried to find the instructions at the lego site, but with the loss of Design-by-me it seems to be missing. I present astronomy and space exploration history programs to area junior and senior high classes and summer camps. I have a collection of plastic and paper models of space vehicles and launchers for examples. I would really like to have a few Lego models to show – not because they are as accurate as my scale ones, but because kids love Legos and they can help increase their interst. Thank you.

    • John M Knight

      Hi Michael!

      Thank you! I always love to hear from people who enjoy my models. Getting the instructions from Lego is still possible but requires some work and explanation.
      If you go to the new LDD web site (here: AND have downloaded and installed the Lego Digital Designer software -you can download the design into LDD! From there you can view the instructions and see the model from ANY angle – even make your own improvements! I’m not certain but I’ll look and see if the latest LDD software would allow for a PDF export of the instructions. The previous version only allowed for HTML exporting and that wasn’t ideal for sharing.
      I wish you the absolute BEST of luck in your classes and encourage you to look at the for other like minded folks involved in STEM (and who just love SPACE!)

      You can reach me via this site or OR @johnmknight on Twitter!



  • John M Knight

    Sadly no. There are some other / smaller models from both Lego and other fans that do though!

  • John M Knight

    Hi All! Here is the updated link to my Lego Gallery ->

    Then search for username ‘johnmknight’ !

    Thank you ALL so much for your interest in my models.
    Be safe and play well!


  • Legomaniac56

    Hey thanks… built my own LEM a while back this will make a nice companion for it.

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