In honor of Goddard! More (or less) Hubble and SDO!

NASA’s Goddard Research Center will be hosting a rare Open House this Saturday. In honor of that, sure to be fun and awesome event, I created a few new versions of SDO (the Solar Dynamics Observatory) and the iconic Hubble Space Telescope! Having talked with some of the incredible people involved in Goddard’s outreach program, I decided to scale the models down so that they would be easier for people to build and afford. Below are some images, including a infomatic showing how to build the Micro SDO. Cheers and play well!

First we’ll start with Micro Lego Hubble!

… and lastly some more SDO goodness with the Mini, rather than, Micro version of SDO. This one is a bit bigger, with more details, including the recognizable telescope and their respective colored filters. Also, I made sure to include some propulsion system details for my friends who worked on the real thing back at Goddard!

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