Wishful thinking…

My last few designs have been, for the most part, been squarely based on reality. The Shuttle Atlantis, Mercury and all the observatories were based on real space craft or places.  Today’s set is something I’ve worked on and off on for a long time. It started just after the inaugural launch of the  X-37. There was a fun bunch of rumors that spread through the internet about the “Space Shuttle Jr.”. While I knew it was extremely unlikely there was no human cargo going up on the tiny little ship, it did get my imagination going. If your interested in why the United States Air Force might want a tiny, reusable vehicle, like the X-37… well just Google it. There are lots and lots of theories. My personal bet is on “reusable spy satellite”. Now, why the USAF might want its own manned space shuttle, you can go back to their MOL program or more recently the DoD Space Shuttle missions (still classified by the way). There is definitely interest there. Well, for me there is interest in still having a winged space ship with the Stars and Stripes on it. So, here I give you MY version of a USAF Space Shuttle Jr.

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