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In honor of Goddard! More (or less) Hubble and SDO!

NASA’s Goddard Research Center will be hosting a rare Open House this Saturday. In honor of that, sure to be fun and awesome event, I created a few new versions of SDO (the Solar Dynamics Observatory) and the iconic Hubble Space Telescope! Having talked with some of the incredible people involved in Goddard’s outreach program, I decided to scale the models down so that they would be easier for people to build and afford. Below are some images, including a infomatic showing how to build the Micro SDO. Cheers and play well!

First we’ll start with Micro Lego Hubble!

… and lastly some more SDO goodness with the Mini, rather than, Micro version of SDO. This one is a bit bigger, with more details, including the recognizable telescope and their respective colored filters. Also, I made sure to include some propulsion system details for my friends who worked on the real thing back at Goddard!


Wishful thinking…

My last few designs have been, for the most part, been squarely based on reality. The Shuttle Atlantis, Mercury and all the observatories were based on real space craft or places.  Today’s set is something I’ve worked on and off on for a long time. It started just after the inaugural launch of the  X-37. There was a fun bunch of rumors that spread through the internet about the “Space Shuttle Jr.”. While I knew it was extremely unlikely there was no human cargo going up on the tiny little ship, it did get my imagination going. If your interested in why the United States Air Force might want a tiny, reusable vehicle, like the X-37… well just Google it. There are lots and lots of theories. My personal bet is on “reusable spy satellite”. Now, why the USAF might want its own manned space shuttle, you can go back to their MOL program or more recently the DoD Space Shuttle missions (still classified by the way). There is definitely interest there. Well, for me there is interest in still having a winged space ship with the Stars and Stripes on it. So, here I give you MY version of a USAF Space Shuttle Jr.

Robotnaut R2A, in Lego! (May the Fourth Be With You!)

@RobonautFan had a request the other day, how about a set of Robonat? Hmm. Robot? check. NASA? check. NASA Robot that’s in space? Done. 🙂

Here’s a few links on this fella’s background.

Robonaut main page:

Robonaut Flickr page:

Robonaut on Twitter: @AstroRobonaut

Since this fella’s earlier version looked a bit like a certain Mandalorian bounty hunter, I though it appropriate to post on this auspicious day of May The Fourth!