My Latest Creation: The Observatory

Hi all! Still excited after Yuri’s night, I thought I’d move from spacecraft to something a little more close to home. I’m talking about the workhorse of astronomy folks, the observatory, in this case one with a big old optical telescope. This one is for all my astronomer friends who don’t get to play with the Hubble and get to stay up late watching the stars from remote mountain tops!

Set Features:

  1. Two astronomer minifigs. Each one wears a classic space motif shirt. (Hey Timmy @ThinkGeek – get the folks at Lego to let you make the real thing!)
  2. Dome doors that open and close
  3. Rotating Dome
  4. Telescope is positionable
  5. A couch, fridge and pizza for our intrepid scientists.
  6. Rack-mount computer hardware for processing all that wonderful data!
  7. Trees! I’ve heard that some of these observatories have some awesome views!

Photos are available here:

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