Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hubble Gotchu!

In addition to Lego, I have a love of all things Space. You can check out my other blog to confirm this. Since I was five I’ve spent a lot of time building models of things that go into space or should go into space. My latest model (available for sale at is of the Hubble Telescope. This is the “unofficial” model I did for the Hubble Outreach team at Goddard Space Flight Center. Having met the crew of the last Hubble repair mission in July of 2009 at NASA’s headquarters in July of 2009, I was inspired to create this.  Having met Andy Wolt from Goddard later that year, I was inspired even more. Who knew that so many of the fine folks at NASA shared a love of the brick?  I designed the model completely in Lego’s own Digital Designer, a software application that let’s anyone create anything out of an infinite supply of digital Lego bricks. I recently donated my only model, seen in the photo below, to a charity auction for the Curious Kid’s Museum of Saint Joseph, Michigan.


Just another brick in the wall. Just another blog on the web.

Welcome to BrickByBrickByBrick, my blog on all things Lego.  This is a blog for the AFOL (Aduld Friend Of Lego) to the curious and uninitiated. It’s family friendly and approachable. I hope to be a good ambassador to the world of creativity and the art of the “Brick”.  The “brick” I’m referring to is the Lego brick, the nearly universally known and beloved construction toy that has grown far beyond it’s humble beginnings. NASA engineers use it to prototype space craft, professors and teachers alike use it to teach every thing from robotics, engineering to art. Is it a toy? Of course. It’s it more than just a toy? Hang around and find out for yourself!  In the end all I can promise you is that I’ll share my enthusiasm for this wonderful product that’s become it’s own art medium.