Lego Digital Designer files ready!

Over the last few years people have asked me for some of my LDD designs. With few exceptions I always referred them to an early post here where it directed them to Lego’s website and my LDD gallery. Sadly, at some point Lego blew away my gallery (and probably others) so my files are not longer there. Fortunately I should have a copy of ALL my files.

As I’ve been gathering them together, I’ve started uploading them to a public Dropbox folder:

So, feel free to download them. Please send photos if you build them!!

Enjoy! and as always Ad Astra Leg Godt!

Christmas Ornament: How To

Here’s a neat design for a star/snowflake inspired ornament! Lot’s of ways to personalize this! Enjoy!


Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.

4 5

Step 5.


Step 6.


Step 7.


Step 8.


Step 9.


Step 10.

Step 11.


Step 12.


Step 13.


Step 14.


Step 15.


Step 17.


Step 18.

Now… repeat!


Step 19.

Optionally, you can add a piece like this to use for a hook!



You can add extra layers, different colors, etc! Go wild!

Merry Christmas!

Do You Want To Build A Spaceship, a song…

This isn’t a Lego Model.. but it is a parody of the song “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” from Disney’s Frozen – as sung from Benny from the Lego Movie’s point of view.


Do you want to build a spaceship?

Come on, let’s blast away!

I never see space anymore

Come out the airlock

It’s like the stars have gone away


We used to see the cosmos

And now we’ don’t

I wish you’d come and fly!


Do you want to build a spaceship?

It doesn’t have to be a spaceship… 
It could be rocket.


Emmet: Go away, Benny.


Benny: I just want to fly.


Do you want to build a spaceship?

and fill it up with liquid oxygen?

I think I need just one more crew

I’ll stop talking about

The greebles on the engine!


It gets a little lonely

With all these bricks of blue and grey

Just watching the stars go by…

(tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)


Emmet, please you need to  go out there!

Where people have never been!

Have a little courage and trust my engineering

Those engines will soon start firing!

Behind a blue tail fin!


I need a few new lasers

just two for me


Where are we gonna go?

Do you want to build a spaceship?



Do You Want To Build A Spaceship, Copyright 2014, John M Knight

Micro scale Conner House from Conner Prairie

As I was looking at some beautiful Christmas Tree ornaments made from Lego bricks, I got to thinking of creating one of the Conner House. What I came up with is a bit largish for an ornament depending on how big a tree you have. Here’s the digital model. I plan on tweaking it a bit and maybe come up with an even smaller version. Cheers and Merry Christmas!



New Digital MOC – Robert Space Industries; Aurora XL

Greeting all!

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted. I haven’t been entirely idle but I certainly haven’t been building like I once used to. There are reasons but this is neither the time or place to discuss that. Rather, let me direct your attention to my latest MOC, a replica of a wonderful spaceship that is part of an even more incredible video game universe of Star Citizen. This is the Aurora XL, a one person ship that is designed for light cargo duty, exploration or personal transportation off world. The rendering below is from the game and I decided to make it mini-fig scale and build in as many details and “working” parts as possible. The hardest part was building the working airlocks, while not operating exactly like the ones in game, they do function and add quite a bit to the model. The cockpit, with it’s very non-Lego shaped glass was a bit of a challenge but I think I did a decent enough job while allowing for some great detail in the cockpit, another signature element from the game. The MOC isn’t done. I plan on building out all the various weapons and equipment options as well as making tweaks to the weapon hard-points. Also, the surfboards, er landing gear is temporary. It in NO WAY would support this ship’s weight were it built in actual bricks.

I’m wanting to post this on Lego Cuusoo and try to get in it made into a real set. I know there are a LOT of folks in the Star Citizen verse who might support this!

Hope you enjoy! See you out in the ‘verse!


This is the interior of the pilot’s cabin and sleeping area. If you look closely in the other pix, you’ll see he/she has a nice view!

aurora-xl-pilotThis is a front on view of our intrepid pilot!


An over the shoulder view of the cockpit and flight controls!



The right airlock open with ladder extended.


Engine details goodness.


Don’t stand too close…aurora-xl-frpmt

The business end. Hey, are those missiles?aurora-xl-right-closed

The right side of the ship with the airlock in the closed position.



The left side of the ship with the airlock in the open, let’s go into port and make some money position.aurora-xl-bottom

This is the bottom of the ship.Note, there is no cargo box attached.. yet!


This would be the top of the ship.


This is a nice view of the ship!


The “working” airlock in the closed position from the inside.


This is the cabin door opening..


This the cabin door closed.


The cockpit with the roof open.

Historic Conner Home of Conner Prairie Interactive History Park Done!

Is a MOC every really done? Well this one is, mostly. The exterior of the house is complete and a first pass at the grounds/landscaping is done. I have plans for completing the interior.. but that’s going to have to wait 😉

Hopefully this will show up at Conner Prairie on display soon as I’m donating it and the future finished interior to the museum.

You can read more about this historic home here, !!




lego_conner_house_front lego_conner_house_back conner_house-cw conner4


The Conner House (Work In Progress)

After Denise Meyer (aka @DeniseMichelle) asked me about my current project for The Conner Prairie Living History Museum, I realized I hadn’t posted anything here about it. Whoops! The build is a minifig scale model of the historic Conner House. It’s my first historical building and the most detailed architectural piece I’ve ever done.

The Conner House has an interesting history, both as a residence and as a study in preservation. My tie to the museum started when I was a child and visited during a school field trip. The museum is unique and I’ve revisited it many many times over the years with my family and by myself. It’s a truly wonderful place, so much so that after moving back to the Indianapolis area, I immediately looked for a way to get involved with the museum as more than just a guest. I quickly discovered the Conner Prairie Horizon Council and became a member, in fact a board member, of this wonderful group. It has been a great way to meet and connect with other young professionals as well as find some great ways to help out a museum that I’ve loved for a long time.

So… while I was at the museum one day around the holidays last year I saw some awesome gingerbread reproductions of the Conner House and thought that I could really have some fun building one out of Lego bricks. Thus, begun my project to reproduce this wonderful example of historic Indiana architecture.

I started the project in Lego Digital Designer and when I’m finished with the physical model, I’ll be publishing the build instructions and parts list.

So, until I get some better photos, I’m putting up a few I’ve previously poste on Twitter.